Terms and Conditions
Registrations for any floral design courses ( One Hundred and Eighty Ringgit ) are always for the whole course, never for just a part of it.

Registration payments are subjected to a validity period of sixty ( 60 ) days. In the event that no floral design course payments are made within this validity period, the registration fees ( RM 180.00 ) will be considered forfeited by the payee.

All floral design courses are personal and therefore not transferable. All payments made are non-refundable, non-transferable, and deductible. All floral courses and makeup classes must be completed within one ( 01 ) year from the date of registration. No refunds will be entertained if courses are not completed due to no fault of the school within the stipulated time frame of one ( 01 ) year.

Non paying relations of students are not allowed in the classrooms during lesson hours.

Goods and Services Tax
All floral courses fees stated at LFDA are not inclusive of the Goods & Services Tax ( the GST rate is fixed at 6% ) effective from 01 April 2015.
Lee Flower Design Academy Sdn. Bhd. is a GST registered company and our GST registration number is 0009 3966 3360     ( Industry Code : 741 09 )

Zer0% GST ( Goods and Services Tax )   effective from 01 June 2018 - Friday

For legal reasons, and to respect other participants, the use of audio and / or visual recording is not permitted during any floral course.

Student conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and to recognise that other students also require support and assistance. Should a student be persistently disruptive, LFDA reserves the right to issue oral or written warnings. Should the situation not be resolved, LFDA personnel may, at their discretion, dismiss such students from the course / academy.

Lessons that were not taken will not be compensated and / or settled via refund.

Full payment of the course fees must be made and acknowledged by LFDA before the commencement of the first class.

Mode of Payment.
Course fee payments can be made in Cash, Cheque, Credit Card Or Debit Card ( please take note that additional of 3% will be charged per transaction and 2% for Debit Card per transaction )   Preferred Payment by Cheque, Wire transfer Or Cash.

If payment is made by cheque, please issue cheque payable to Lee Flower Design Academy Sdn. Bhd.
Payment by cash can be made in person at ( LFDA ) OR
Cash deposit to Lee Flower Design Academy Maybank account number :   5122   2232   3796
( please retain the receipt as proof of payment. Alternatively, please scan a copy of the receipt and e-mail it to LFDA )

Classes Day and Time.
Class day is on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Time : from 10.30am to 6.00pm ( Closed on Sunday, Public Holiday & Holiday Repalcement Days )
Lunch time close from : 1.00pm to 2.00pm

Students may choose to come three times in a week, two OR once in a week.

Students may choose to come Anytime from 10.30 am to 5.00 pm

Each lesson may take up to 45 min., One hour OR more, depend on individual differences in the learning process.

Students may choose to learn one, two, three OR four lessons per class day,
we do not recommend students to learn more than four lessons per class day, but will continue to teach should students choose to do so.

If students not able to make it on any of the classes day they do not have to inform us, but if LFDA closed for any event or project on any of the classes day we will inform students 3 to 4 days in advance by phone, SMS or e-mail. Student have the option to join us and learn how we handle the event or project at their own transportation and other cost.

Floral course fee includes the cost of basic materials and fresh flowers.
( Note * : for Dried & Silk Flowers Design Courses, basic materials, flowers & tools are Not Included and all related materials will be charged separately. )

Students must sign for every lesson learned with the instructor on the floral courses list we provided.

Students must clean up their own table after each lesson before proceeding to second lesson or before leaving the class.

Students are advise to take photo of their own arrangement after completed each lesson.

Students will have to write down notes or copy from white board before each practical lesson begin.

Non-attendance of classes due to illness or for personal or professional reasons does not create any right to a refund, extra tuition, transfer or extend our one year terms for all floral courses. However, in such an event we will consider all the circumstances and take such action that we consider to be fair and reasonable. Please take note that if alternative options are offered, there may be an additional charge.

Student must complete the floral design course to receive a certificate from LFDA.
LFDA will not re-issue a certificate for any reason ( i.e. lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced ) after one ( 01 ) year of course completion. Should LFDA decide to reissue any certificates, additional charges may apply ( not inclusive of postage/mailing charges for outstation students and overseas students ) Should students require postage service, LFDA will refer to the address provided during registration unless advised otherwise. For students residing in Klang Valley, all certificates must be collected in person.

Overseas applications
For Overseas applicants, please ensure that your LFDA course registration and course availability has been confirmed before committing to any travel arrangements. Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements and requirements ( i.e. visa applications ). No refunds will be given should oversea students not obtain a visa or were denied entry to Malaysia. However, the registered floral course will still be valid for one ( 1 ) year from the date of registration. Oversea students must ensure that their passports are valid for at least 6 months prior to course end-date, and ensure that there are sufficient blank pages for immigration purposes.

Hotel, Motel and Hostel List     ( Nearest to LFDA )

Personal Belongings
LFDA will not be held responsible for the loss / theft or misplacement of any personal belongings at LFDA premises. Please consider to leave your expensive and / or valuable personal belongings at home.

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